When you fart in the bathtub, the fart doesn’t stay trapped under the water. No. It refuses to be confined and oppressed. So it creates a bubble and it rises to the top. And when that bubble pops, you smell that fart. It lets you know that it made it. None of the smell is lost in the journey up. And I honestly think that is just beautiful.

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    This is going on my exam timetable. The stench of my knowledge shall knock out the examiners! So inspiring..
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    Best thing I have yet seen on tumblr.
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    Oh dear…
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    The thing is the fart is marginalized. The media had turned it into nothing more than a comedic device. Because of its...
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    Pure poetry.
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    Oh my gosh Blake this is fantastic.
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Blake. 23. SC native, TN resident. Seminarian. INFJ.

The more I learn, the less I realize that I know. And the less that I realize that I know, the more content I become with that fact.

All you need is love. And Love's name is Jesus.

God's kingdom come. God's will be done. Let heaven invade earth.

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